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We know you have invested time and money in creating something that only a handful or may be none have thought of. We understand the protection of these assets is one of the most important aspects for any company. We offer our prosecution, litigation, maintenance, commercialization, and enforcement services for intellectual property
for the following:



What if your creation, intangible in nature, is threatened by unforeseen forces? With the advent of digital age and entrepreneurial bug, many companies are registered on a daily basis. It is not the business or e-commerce which is affected, more technology means more options in your literally or artistic creations.

We have been underestimating the exposure internet today has and your intellectual property might lose its validation. Before that happens, Raguel Law has created platforms and developed world class infrastructure to protect your precious asset and trade secrets.

The team at Raguel Law comprises of engineers, scientists, researchers, and lawyers who ensures that your intellectual property remains your right and you are the one who will enjoy the whole fruits of your creation.

We know you have invested time and money in creating something that only a handful or may be none have thought of. We understand the protection of these assets is one of the most important aspects for any company. We offer our prosecution, litigation, maintenance, commercialization, and enforcement services for intellectual property for the following:

• Patents
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
• Trade Secrets

Our services also include drafting and negotiating licensing agreements for the intellectual property of our clients.

We strive to build, protect, maintain and enforce IP portfolio of our clients worldwide.



Globalization has given access of the world’s leading brand to every consumer. On the flip side, the owner of the brands, intellectual property, manufacturers have become vulnerable to counterfeiting, product dilution and intellectual property theft.

Dilution of a brand is done by either counterfeiting – illegal copying and selling of a branded product or by grey market trading – sale of a product destined for one country into another country. This causes huge loss to the company in terms of revenue as well as exposes the brand owners to a lot of different legal issues while undermining the value of their own brand. Access and ease of use of technology has made it easier to produce a counterfeit product and sell it. Sometimes it becomes difficult to even identify between the original and counterfeit.

Our company has been protecting brand value of some of the largest corporations of the world. We constantly and closely work with the regulatory and law enforcement units for the protection of our clients’ brand. Our capabilities encompass in providing a comprehensive solution for brand protection.

This includes but is not limited to focused and individually catered market surveys, detailed investigations, enforcement actions and legal action.

We do not need to hire any law firm for initiating any legal action as our team also comprises of attorneys supporting the brand protection practice. This also gives an added advantage to coordinate with the legal team of our clients. Typically, following is included for the protection of a brand:

Awareness & Training:

We at Raguel Law, make sure that the team is properly trained and fully aware of the brand. We constantly train them through workshops, multimedia and printed materials for awareness regarding the importance of brand protection and management of intellectual property of our clients.

Market Surveys:

It is extremely important to identify a counterfeit or a product infringing the intellectual property of your brand in the market. This will involve proactiveness and survey of the both online and offline markets. This approach helps in devising solutions and strategies for adding enhanced features in the products that is difficult to counterfeit.

Supply Chain Monitoring:

Our unique methodology to monitor the supply chain of a counterfeit provides us an edge for the protection of our clients’ brand. Using technology for tracking and locating, we not only stop sale of counterfeit but are capable of cutting the entire supply chain of counterfeit products. This includes but is not limited to wholesalers, transporters, warehouses, printers, etc. Our network extends to the whole of India as well as South Asia for monitoring the counterfeit sale.

E – Commerce:

In today’s time when most of the things are bought online, it becomes the need of the hour to monitor the platforms where the products are listed and sold. We have a specialized team that constantly supervise the activities on eCommerce regarding product dilution and sale of counterfeit online. We also help our clients for conducting intelligent operations for cutting the supply chain using the internet.


One of the most important aspects of brand protection is enforcement actions. With the enforcement action, we conduct search and seizures of the counterfeit products in the market. Our internal legal team manages the court-sanctioned search and seizure operations, and is capable of handling the suo – moto actions that law enforcement agencies take for search and seizures.

Litigation Support:

Our internal legal team supports the brand protection activities. They advise on the protection of the intellectual property of our clients, prepare experts witnesses for trial, and prepare testimonies for presentation with the court.

Security Measures:

We help our clients to devise proactive methods for the protection of their brand. For instance, we devise tamper – proof means for protecting products and their packaging from getting counterfeited. These means include methods that are difficult to copy and will act as an identifier between the original and the counterfeit.



It is not at all easy to run a business. Risk is involved too but following the legal compliances is fundamental. A company is a legal entity and must abide the rules and regulations. A strategic partner to any company is a firm having necessary legal skills to advice on the corporate and commercial laws in force. At Raguel, we offer our clients (varying size and market segments) the legal skills required for the smooth operation of a business starting from its inception to the daily functioning of a company.

The ability of our team to understand the requirements of the business and advise them on the basis of the applicable law, have been appreciated by the clients for the efficient running of their businesses. The key of our successful advice is keeping abreast of the most-up-to-date changes and developments in corporate and commercial laws including important landmark court decisions.

We take pride in disclosing that our clients involve us to make their small business decisions. We are effectively involved in all the business negotiations, transactions, and board decisions.

The firm actively advises and assists its clients on:

• Business / Company Formation
• Foreign Direct Investment
• Restructuring
• Winding – Up
• Setting up Business in India
• Capital Markets
• Risk Management
• Start-Up Advisory



One of the important factors in development and expansion of a business is Merger & Acquisition (“M&A”). Although the words have a simple meaning but the legalities involved in carrying an M&A transaction is a complex one. Our experts make sure that we make any such transaction in the easiest and less complex manner. We have multi-disciplinary team to advice our clients on every aspect of an M&A transaction for issues such as regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights, share distributions, capital gains etc. An integrated part of our practice is to advice our clients on issues related to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and project alliances to ensure a smooth transaction.

We advise our clients on the strategic planning to such transactions to tailor the correct structure, risk analysis and compliance. We offer a complete service in terms of drafting and negotiating necessary agreements, due diligence, transferring or taking over of ownership and setting up the new venture compliant with the current rules and regulations.



Our specialty also lies in transactional work for real estate deals ranging from investment to development of real estate projects. We provide integrate services for any cross-border real estate deals pertaining to development. We have in the past negotiated and structured deals on behalf of our clients in developing government projects.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to –

• refinancing,
• mortgage loans for securitization,
• syndicated loans,
• project financing,
• development agreements
• obtaining necessary government and regulatory approvals.

We also regularly advise off-shore investment and equity companies for developing a real estate portfolio by structured investments in the real estate residential and commercial projects whether they are private or government projects.



Project finance and general corporate finance transactions are routinely undertaken by our office as a part of project development for clients.

Our experience includes but is not limited to –

• advising a consortium of lenders in respect of loans to the private developer of various projects;
• advising Indian entities raise domestic and external borrowings for their operations.
• structure, negotiate and document the full array of projects and financing agreements
according to clients’ requirements.
• identify the risks such as market, production, and revenue and provide solutions to mitigate
those risks.



The work includes comprehensive due diligence services on Infrastructure Projects along with Drafting and assessing of Concession Agreements and Development Agreements, Negotiation with the Government/ and other consultants in formulating the terms and conditions of agreements.

We advise and assist clients on –

• site acquisition and development
• contract negotiation
• project bidding
• project management issues
• insurance contracting
• regulatory and code compliance
• project documentation
• drafting employment and labour agreements. Litigation

Raguel Law have always been in the forefront for justice and fairness. When it comes to representing the clients before the authorities and courts, Raguel’s team has always acted as an archangel of speech and protected the client interests by putting forward the relevant facts and evidences.

The firm has a well-versed team of lawyers and company secretaries to help its client for an overall approach for litigation. The firm has a sound understanding of commercial and market realities, providing solutions which are legal and of real commercial nature.

We represent our clients in all the Courts and Tribunals, which includes –

• Hon’ble Supreme Court of India,
• High Courts of India,
• Customs and Excise Tribunals,
• Income Tax Appellate Tribunal,
• Anti-dumping Authority,
• Company Law Board,
• Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission,
• National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,
• State Commissions & District Forums,
• Telecom Regulatory Authority of India,
• TDSAT and
• Election Commission of India.



Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute resolution process especially in the Indian market.

Raguel Law assists clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices in a broad range of industrial sectors including Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media, Banking and Finance, Aviation, Insurance and Reinsurance, International Finance, International Investments, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Telecommunications, etc.

The Firm usually keeps in mind the time and costs associated with court processes and the value to businesses of resolving disputes amicably and therefore, wherever possible, the Firm endeavours to achieve such resolution of disputes for its clients, without proceeding with formal long drawn litigations.

We represent and assist client on:

• International and Domestic Arbitrations
• Mediation
• Conciliation
• Cross – Border Disputes
• Negotiations



Raguel Law understands that for any organisation to run its backbone that is the employees and / labour should have satisfactory working conditions and there is harmony between the management and the workforce.

We provide services in all laws and regulations which are required for management and workforce to co-exist peacefully. Our team has extensively worked with companies and helped laid down policies and procedures in accordance with the enactments such as –

• Industrial Dispute Act 1947,
• Trade Union Act 1926,
• Minimum Wages Act 1948,
• Payment of Wages Act 1936,
• Factories Act 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1965,
• Equal Remuneration Act 1976,
• Payment of Gratuity Act 1972,
• Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923 etc.

Our law firm represents various clients including Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Delhi Jal Board etc.

We assist and advise clients on –

• Employment laws, labour laws, and industrial relations
• Disciplinary proceedings, Employees Rights, Employment and service contracts, Labour disputes and Industrial actions, safety legislation, Provident fund, statutory benefits and trade disputes
• Assist in complying with employment laws and labour laws
• Assist and represent clients in disputes under employment laws relating to employment benefits
• Provide services in all laws and regulations related to labour and employment Banking & Finance

We are one of the well-known law firms in India rendering legal services in various aspects of the banking and financial sector. We advise domestic and international financial companies, institutions and banks including non banking financial companies on securitization laws, securities, derivatives, restructuring, banking and insolvency, asset finance, project finance.

Our experience includes but is not limited to –

• Undertake Verification/ Due diligence of immovable mortgage/security by the borrower
• Drafting and vetting of project financing agreements including loan agreements, grant agreement, escrow agreements, deed of hypothecation and all related agreements
• Opinion on RBI Master circulars and FEMA issues to NBFCs or any finance company
• Suits for Recovery before the Court, and also Recovery proceedings under SARFAESI Act



We advise clients in building and operating major power projects and securing production and distribution business. We understand and are aware of the risks and opportunities arising at every stage from conception to drawdown and from production to consumption.

Our experience includes but is not limited to –

• Advice on project advisory – viability, feasibility studies, project reconnaissance and implementation
• Advice on Project Management, Control & Monitoring, Cost reduction through Techno Commercial Optimization, and building master project teams
• Advice on geology related contracts, contract negotiations, site evaluation, and implementation of power & energy projects


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